Tackling an exponentially growing market

Great challenges are accompanied by great opportunities. The world's population is growing steadily, and the demand for food is rising accordingly. At the same time, farmland is diminishing due to climate change effects like dryness and droughts. Therefore, sustainable solutions are essential. One of these is called CEA: Controlled Environment Agriculture. Deliscious focuses on this approach, which combines many advantages:

  • Up to 90 % less water usage
  • Full-year production
  • Reduced greenhouse emission through short transport distances
  • No use of pesticides/herbicides
  • Longer shelf life retains flavor and texture
  • Use of AgTech through data, sensors, AI and robotics
  • Stable supply to local retailers

So far, the CEA industry has a limited focus on the European market, which gives Deliscious the opportunity to expand into valuable markets as a frontrunner, once again.

deliscious market growth

Addressing important megatrends

With this business segment we are addressing several megatrends – meaning fundamental and long-term changes with global impact – at the same time.


Sustainability & regionality
The term sustainability has many aspects – for us, too, it has several dimensions. On the one hand, it is about the demand for fresh produce from the local area. Regionality is a customer requirement, but also an important climate protection factor, for example through reduced food miles. Another point we cover is efficiency: among other benefits, our cultivation method is characterized by the economical use of space and resources.


People today live more consciously and want to know where their food comes from. The global shift to plant-based food is leading to an increased demand for locally-grown, high-quality and year-round products.


Automation and connectivity influence more and more areas of life. Intelligent processes enable completely new levels of performance and individualisation. In our fields – agriculture and food production – we are also convinced that AI and big data take us miles ahead.