Short transport


Stable supply to
local retailers



Strategically well located

There is always a lot to consider when choosing a location. In our industry, where freshness is the decisive factor, short delivery distances and transport connections are major advantages. But we also focus on the availability of labour force and the acceptance of our projects by local stakeholders. Our existing location in Beesel and the planned farm in Germany are the optimal basis to further pursue our visions.

Deliscious Map Locations

10-years of experience and innovation

Beesel, Netherlands

  • 7 hectares vertical indoor farm
  • 10 harvests per year
  • 2012 first planting

50 years ago, Deliscious started as a family business in the Netherlands. Under the management of the brothers Roy and Mark Delissen, Deliscious has become a leading name in the cultivation of root ball lettuce. 

At the Beesel site, true pioneering work was done in 2012 with the start of the production of lettuce in the vertical indoor farm. Until today, this location proves that our idea and our business model work – and inspires us to new projects.


Designed for maximum output

Falkenhagen, Germany

  • 10 harvests per year
  • 12 hectares vertical indoor farm
  • 2022 construction start

Between Germany’s biggest cities, Berlin and Hamburg, Deliscious is building Europe’s largest vertical indoor farm. The site will be built on a total of 36 hectares including warehouse, LED chambers, greenhouse and more.

The Falkenhagen site will not only set new standards in terms of productivity – we also place the highest value on environmentally friendly technologies here. Rainwater and process water is collected and treated in a large basin, covered with solar panels. Various renewable energy systems ensure a high amount of self-produced energy – this significantly reduces costs and the carbon footprint.